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CTO Community

Builders’ empowers entrepreneurs to build stellar companies. Doing so we’ve inevitably built an extensive community of co-founders, CTOs and leaders to deliver on this mission. To empower the community, we connect them to our universe of co-founders, startups, scaleups and innovators. Tech leaders from our community are entrepreneurial, purpose-driven builders with expertise in web, data, and AI, committed to leveraging technology for societal progress and economic growth

Choose the best fit tailored for you

At Builders we hire Fractional CTOs and technical co-founders. What fits you better?

Fractional CTO

You’ll empower companies as a tech leader in a fractional engagement while potentially finding your perfect co-founder match. Amend their engineering team and CTO support/readiness, navigate funding events, evolve infrastructure, prototypes, build-out product, in-house tech team, etc.

Technical co-founder CTO

Become a CTO and bring an company to the next level. You’ll become a tech leader from our community full of entrepreneurial, purpose-driven builders with expertise in web, data, and AI, committed to leveraging technology for societal progress and economic growth.

CTOs from our community are building amazing products

Fractional or in our studio, our CTOs are building products for new ventures or estabishled scale ups.

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CTO in Residence
  • Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands


Are there CEOs, and how do CTOs & teams match with them?

We'll have 4 CEOs in the next 4 months, of which we believe 2 will become companies. Matching is based on the product, personality, and mission. Think psychometric tests and such, but first and foremost, we're in the same place working on it, so some of the magic happens on site.

How long does it usually take for a Founder/CTO to match with a project and start a venture?

There's not enough data for an accurate estimate, but it should not take longer than 6 months. Personally, I believe it should only happen if the match is strong, so it could take longer if the collaboration is enjoyable.

Could you elaborate a bit more on the process of becoming a co-founder?

As a CTO you’ll join Builders as a CTO-in-Residence working alongside other CTOs on internal projects and projects/proof of concepts with the entrepreneurs (CEOs) in residence. The ultimate outcome would be to co-found a company with one of the founders. To further support your journey, we offer fractional positions within our network, extending your personal runway and opening doors to potential external co-founder roles. Should these opportunities lead to permanent positions or co-founder engagements, know that Builders is fully committed to supporting and facilitating such a transition. Except when engaged in a fractional role there's no compensation for time spent in residency at Builders. Instead, the primary form of remuneration shall be the opportunity to engage with Builders and Entrepreneurs in Residence for the purpose of validating business cases. This engagement provides the opportunity to potentially assume a co-founder role in the ventures that are being developed within the studio. When engaged in a fractional role during the residency, the compensation varies between €4.000-6.000 per month on a contractor basis.

How does collaboration with the studio change at different stages for the startups? How does the studio assist the startups post-founding?

Validation phase: Business lead provides day-to-day support and strategy with partners. Shape phase: The whole core team gets involved, and proof of concepts are built. Create phase : The core team becomes the founding team, partners join the board, and the business lead remains involved. Grow phase: A dedicated team is hired, the partner remains on the board, and is actively involved in funding.

Do people mostly work offline?

If you mean working from home, then no, most work is done at the office, 4 days a week.

Are CTO's initially employed by the studio? What type of contract do you use?

CTOs are contractors at the studio, when needed work for studio friends will also include a compensation. I’ll share the templates after our call.

Is there a team of engineers in the studio?

No, there's a head of tech. We believe the technology should end up in the companies, not at the studio.