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CTO in Residence

  • Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

Job description

At Builders, we aim to empower entrepreneurs to create groundbreaking software companies to redefine the possibilities of the future of work through the power of technology. We specialise in launching B2B SaaS companies that use AI to redefine workplace efficiency and productivity. We aim to tackle fundamental business challenges and enhance both operational efficiency and employee satisfaction. 🚀

We validate these promising business opportunities by partnering with CEOs-in-residence from idea to launch. Recognising the essential role of technology leadership, we're dedicated to fostering collaborations between CEOs and CTOs from the earliest stages, ensuring a harmonious and productive partnership.

🦄 Residency

Builders is now accepting applications from CTOs to join the studio as a resident. During the residency, the CTO will be engaged with internal projects, technical validations, and supporting portfolio ventures with the aim for the CTO to become a co-founder of one of the companies the studio is launching.

As a CTO at Builders, you will wear multiple hats. Not only will you be an experienced, hands-on builder with in-depth full-stack knowledge, but your entrepreneurial spirit will also see you play a pivotal role as a co-founder, navigating product tech challenges and devising market entry strategies. In this role, staying hands-on is crucial. We believe in hands-on CTOs being deeply involved in coding and technical development, actively contributing to our projects with their coding expertise. You’ll be expected to lead by example, demonstrating your coding skills and keeping them sharp.

🪐The journey at the studio

  • Immerse yourself in the Builders universe, dedicating two days each week to internal projects and budding startups.
  • Collaborate with the Studio Tech Lead and fellow CTOs, creating a synergy that ensures our ideas are technically sound right from the start.
  • Engage in a variety of projects, from technical feasibility prototyping to launching scalable products post-incorporation.
  • Work closely with startups, assisting them in achieving their business goals using modern tech stacks.

Typical projects

  • Technical feasibility: Spearhead 1-2 week sprints to assess the viability of new tech ideas.
  • MVP development: Lead 4-6 week initiatives to turn concepts into functional prototypes.
  • Ongoing product development: Drive continuous 2-3 week cycles for product evolution and growth.

Job requirements

🤖 What describes you

  • An entrepreneurial spirit with the urge to co-found a company that defines the future of work.
  • An effective communicator who inherently documents processes and decisions.
  • An experienced full-stack engineer, not only a manager.
    • Hands-on builder with strong web dev skills, preferably JS stack (Node.js, TypeScript, React, NextJS)
    • Hands-on experience with AI products or projects (Python, OpenAI, TensorFlow).
  • Demonstrated experience in building projects from scratch that have been monetised.
  • A tech enthusiast, always eager to explore the latest innovations and advancements.
  • Flexibility in technology using the most effective solutions for diverse challenges.
  • Able to work in our Rotterdam office (valid work permit required in the Netherlands).

Your fractional CTO role

Residency at the studio is a full-time commitment where the studio invests resources and knowledge to ultimately co-found a company. The studio offers fractional positions at startups and scaleups in the studio's network to support this journey.

  • An engagement of max 3 days per week encompassing everything from project inception to technological refinement and team recruitment.
  • Typical engagement periods range from 3 to 6 months.
  • Play a pivotal role in startups or scaleups at crucial moments, ensuring their readiness for funding, acquisition, and beyond.
  • Strategic goals include CTO readiness, MVP evolution and in-housing teams.
  • Option to transition to a permanent role when a real strong match is found.


  • Enjoy the opportunity to collaborate with talented entrepreneurs, other CTOs and the studio core team to ultimately co-found a company.
  • Engaged in a fractional role, the compensation is €6,000/month max.

Are you ready to co-author a chapter in the Builders legacy? Let's craft brilliance together. 🔥


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