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  • Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

Job description

Join Builders: Crafting the future of work & life

At Builders Startup Studio, we're not just creating companies; we're reshaping the work-life experience. Our ambition goes beyond mere problem-solving — it's about redefining how millions find joy and functionality in their daily routines. We've positively impacted over a million working lives, and we're just getting started.

As we spearhead ventures that bridge work and life, we seek exceptional Business Founders with a vision that aligns with ours. Our studio acts as the supportive third founder, bringing infrastructure, expertise, and a proven model for success.

🎯 As a Business Founder, you will:

  • Lead the validation of promising ideas we've researched.
  • Drive the brand's development, sales strategy, networking, product creation, and team formation.
  • Enjoy the backing of our dedicated studio team, ensuring you focus on what truly matters: building and scaling.

🦾 Your Technical Co-founder will champion the software's first version, taking charge of product development, infrastructure, and team dynamics.

Our entrepreneurial journey together:

  • Discover Phase (1-8 weeks): As an Entrepreneur-in-Residence, collaborate with us to unearth and validate transformative business prospects.
  • Shape Phase (10 weeks): Harness the collective prowess of our core team to craft a prototype, devise a brand strategy, and target an initial market. Here, we also initiate the search for your Technical Co-founder.
  • Create Phase (6-8 months): Upon success, we formalize the company, infusing it with a €300K investment (50% dedicated to the studio core team) over 12 months. Launch your product and celebrate your first paying customers.
  • Scale Phase (6-8 months): Refine, expand, and grow, securing loyal customers, building a dedicated team, and raising Series A funding.

Why partner with Builders Startup Studio?

  • Access bespoke studio services, including Marketing, Operations, Recruitment, Finance, Research, and Product.
  • Receive one-on-one mentorship from our Founding team and network of global industry maestros.
  • Learn from our founder community, seasoned in the startup realm.
  • Compensation scaling to €6,000/month post-incorporation.
  • Participate in decision-making; remember, we're not mere investors — we're your co-founding team.
  • Discover the perfect Technical Co-Founder via our thorough recruitment process.
  • Benefit from a strategic shareholding structure post-incorporation, where the CEO and CTO together hold a significant (2/3) equity stake, ensuring strong leadership and direction.
  • Utilize our premium toolkit: MacBook, Asana, Notion, and more, to bring your vision to life.
  • Immerse yourself in our vibrant, collaborative community, celebrating every milestone — from the first spark to the final toast.

Job requirements

✅ Your unique contributions

  • Experience & expertise: With 5+ years of seasoned professionalism in sales, marketing, or product roles, you bring a wealth of knowledge. An international exposure amplifies your world view.
  • Diverse roles: Whether you've been a startup founder, a serial entrepreneur, a product guru, or a sales vanguard in a B2B SaaS space, you've exhibited mastery in your domain.
  • Visionary builder: A fervent passion for sculpting the future of work and life drives you. Your heart beats for innovation and elevating daily experiences.
  • Strategic acumen: Not just a problem identifier, but a problem-solver; your proactive strategic mindset sets you apart.
  • Leadership prowess: You've not just managed, but mentored, coached, and led teams towards achieving shared objectives.
  • Growth evangelist: Embracing a growth mindset, you're a firm believer in the transformative power of feedback and continuous learning.

❣️ Essentials for partnership

  • Legality & locale: Either holding a European passport or a valid long-term visa for The Netherlands is essential.
  • Proximity to vision: Based in or willing to relocate to the Netherlands, ensuring that you're close to where the magic happens.
  • Commitment: Ready to engage full-time at our Rotterdam hub, immersing in our ecosystem of innovation.
  • Linguistic proficiency: Fluent in English, ensuring seamless communication and collaboration.

Note: During the entrepreneurial exploration phase leading to incorporation, the studio does not offer salaries or fees, fostering a shared investment spirit among co-founders.

Joining our Builder's brigade involves:

  • Resume & application scrutiny.
  • A telephonic conversation with our Talent Maestro.
  • An immersive interview with our Co-Founders, either onsite or virtually.
  • Psychometric insights for alignment and fit.
  • Onsite personal vision sharing and an interactive Q&A with our Visionaries.
  • If the stars align, a formal offer to embark on a transformative journey.
  • Initial three-month Entrepreneur-in-Residence engagement to co-create.
  • The grand culmination: The birth of a company and your coronation as a founder! 🔥

Are you ready to co-write a chapter in our legacy? Let's co-create brilliance!


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