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Venture Analyst

Netherlands, Zuid-Holland, RotterdamDevelopment

Job description

At Builders, we dream big and dare to turn our dreams into reality. The single most important goal of our studio is to build companies that solve daily challenges for modern-day workforces. To achieve this, we rigorously follow a process of creating and operating SaaS startups by internally generating, conceptualising, and validating promising business ideas and finding the right co-founders to build powerful tech companies together.

As our Venture Analyst, you will play a defining role in the discovery phase of company creation by identifying and analysing emerging markets and new investment trends. You’ll prepare all necessary information and data to get entrepreneurs-in-residence involved to commit and focus full-time on one of the promising opportunities.

You’ll work together with the studio team to support our co-founders as they journey to build a venture from spark to champagne. You’ll do this by leveraging Builders’ infrastructure, playbooks, and data-driven principles; you’ll track emerging markets and investments trends, becoming a subject matter expert in the “future of work and living” category with a B2B SaaS specialisation. You’ll also help continually refine and optimize our evaluation process.

To keep track of what we’re accomplishing at the studio, you’ll help out with financial and metric reporting at the studio level. Think SaaS metrics and financial models. In short, you’ll be a key player in deciding which startup ideas progress, keep track of their metrics and help make them a success.


  • Create the infrastructure to stay on top of the 5 most promising markets.
  • Maintain a research database to anticipate market trends to generate 30 sparks per year.
  • Design business opportunity reports sparking the interest of future founders.


  • Generate and ideate: Discover and analyse market trends and explore new business ideas.
  • Design and execute: Get in touch with the market to validate desk research and design the most promising business opportunities.
  • Support and monitor: Support the growth of ventures by monitoring all the ventures in the studio portfolio on performance.

Other responsibilities of this role will include:

  • Taking lead across the generate and ideate gate, including scouting, idea generation, sourcing, ideation, and commercialisation.
  • Developing best practices on venture creation and documenting them in our studio and venture playbooks.
  • Conducting competitive analysis, including identifying positioning related to new venture opportunities.
  • Providing early-stage support to ventures inside our studio portfolio until traction is achieved.
  • Contributing to the studio's thought leadership position across a range of emerging business, technology, and venture creation topics.

Job requirements

In order to be successful, our Venture Analyst needs to: rapidly understand industry trends and users’ needs; build data reports, and financial models. In addition:

  • You have 3+ years of working experience in at least two of the following: venture capital or accounting, research; in tech companies or startups;
  • By nature, you are highly data-driven, analytical, and endlessly curious;
  • You’re comfortable talking to experts to get their quick assessment of your industry reports;
  • You’re an expert online sleuth, a master of Google searches, and always searching for new information sources;
  • You have mad financial model-building, forecasting, and scenario planning skills.
  • Comfort to promote thought-leadership in process improvement to scale forecasting and reporting tools, procedures, and methodologies;
  • Entrepreneurial instincts: resourceful, proactive, and hands-on.

To set yourself apart and get extra points:

  • Your life is in Notion and Google Spreadsheets;
  • Entrepreneurial experience.


You stand at the forefront of creating exceptional things. Whether it is turning Builders into a leading global startup studio or transforming one of our ventures into the next Dutch unicorn. In return, we offer:

  • Real hands-on experience and access to unique methodologies for building new ventures. You will gain exceptional experience designing and building great companies in different industries, markets, and teams.
  • The unique opportunity to build on a framework to maximize your personal potential and optimize the growth of ventures.
  • Connections to our network of ambitious entrepreneurial-minded people. You will have access to experts, investors, and exceptional talent.

Our hiring process

As our teams are growing, we are making efforts to shape a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive future for our studio and ventures. Feel free to read our commitment statement on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and get a sneak peek of our culture ❤️.

We strive to create a work environment where people can grow towards their full potential and even beyond. Of course, we are eager to partner with the most talented minds in the field, but we are also looking for a mutual fit. The following steps are included in our hiring process:

  1. Resume and application form
  2. Phone screen
  3. Video interview
  4. Online assessment
  5. Onsite interview 
  6. Offer

The start date: as soon as possible.

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